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Cousins Healing Membership

Relearn how to love yourself after positive diagnosis.

  • Cousins

    Every month
    Weekly Zoom Support Group Every Thursday @7:30pm EST
     7 day free trial
    • 4 Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Calls
    • Group Coaching valued @ $50 per call, ONLY $2 per call.
    • Access to the "Hey Cousins" private Facebook group.
  • Big Cousins

    Every month
    For cousins who forget to make it to the weekly calls.
    • Weekly "Cousins" Meetings Every Thursday @7:30pm EST
    • Weekly "Big Cousins" Meetings Every Sunday @7:30pm EST
    • Access to "Hey Cousins" PRIVATE Facebook Group
    • Access to the "Vault" (All support group recordings)
    • 8 Monthly Group Coaching Calls + All pervious recordings!
    • Valued @ $500 per month, ONLY only $50 per month
  • Stigma FREE

    Every month
    Relearning How To Love Yourself After Positive Diagnosis
    • Weekly "Cousins" Group Zoom Thursday @7:30pm EST
    • Weekly "Big Cousins" Zoom Sunday @7:30pm EST
    • Weekly Book Club (Zoom) Tuesdays @7:00pm EST
    • Daily Affirmations and Daily Journal Prompts
    • Vault (ALL previous group coaching and lesson recordings )
    • "Just Another Bump Along The Road" Ebook
    • "How To Disclose?" Ebook
    • Access to "Hey Cousins" PRIVATE Facebook Group
    • Access to "Stigma Free" Members exclusive Group
    • 1-1 Coaching Call with Coach Shana Singleton
    • Access to monthly 3day Detox Guide
    • Monthly HSV meal suggestion.
    • 50% Monthly Workshops
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