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Welcome Cousins

If you test positive for HSV1 and/or HSV2 you are a cousin. Welcome cousin!

Here we recognize the herpes stigma but, we reject that narrative. Why? ...


The herpes STIGMA and the herpes VIRUS are not the same.

The stigma is an illusion. The stigma is not real. The stigma is fueled by us caring about what others may think and feel about us.

News flash! Another person's opinion of you will not feed you, pay your bills, wipe your butt or take care of you. So why allow it to have so much power over how you feel about yourself and how you show up in this world?


We spend 90% of our lives in our own thoughts!

How we feel, react, where we are and what we are doing, is all a reflection of our mindset. If we spend so much time in our own minds, we must make it the place we can rely on the most. A place of support, peace, retreat, empowerment, encouragement, etc. You must learn how to BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

When we find out we have herpes no one knows but the medical physician that is telling you and

yourself, and yet you feel the weight of the stigma. Why, because you are the bully in the mirror. The

only thing that has changed since the time you were diagnose, is your knowing; nothing more, nothing

less. Our minds are powerful and from the day of your diagnosis on you have chosen the herpes stigma, then your subconscious works on finding everything in your life that proves you right. If the only thing that has changed is your knowing, and your knowledge of your virus was enough to change how you view and show up for yourself; is it the virus that takes your confidence or has your confidence been false all along?

Once I was aware of my own internalized stigma, I made the decision that the stigma would not be my

narrative. I would do everything in my power to change how I felt about myself and how I show up for myself.

Your mind has to arrive at the destination before your life has an opportunity to catch up. If you do

nothing for yourself, at least make sure you do not accept your negative thoughts and beliefs. Speak life into yourself even if you do not believe it at first. Give your life a chance to catch up to the new narrative you are speaking into your life. 


If you are ready for a new narrative, if you are ready to heal with the cousins, join our private Facebook group, where we show up for free support group meetings every Thursday @8pm EST. Click the link below.



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