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Shana Singleton

Author, Comedic Educator, Content Creator, Herpes Advocate

Inspiring others to love themselves more is Shana’s true passion. Breaking the herpes stigma, so that herpes positive people can feel comfortable being open about their status and proud of their sexuality is Shana’s calling. Empowering the herpes community to break the stigma in their own lives is what fills her with gratitude.

As featured in BuzzFeed, Brut and Hashtag Our Stories, Shana Singleton started the Slay the Stigma movement for herpes positive women. She originally started this movement because she was tired of seeing women within private Facebook groups posting about wanting to commit suicide and staying in abusive relationships due to share status. This was not her reality and she wanted to change that for other women. Slay The Stigma later evolved into Hey Cousins offering community and support to EVERYONE not just women; a brand where she taught individuals how to cope with herpes and encouraged them to break free from the stigma, so that it no longer controls their life. Shana has received over hundreds of testimonials as a herpes life coach and creator, growing a herpes community of over 367K followers on TikTok as the Herpes Goddess.


Ultimate Goal: To break herpes stigma.

Provide more resources for people with herpes.

One quirky fact about Shana: She only passes judgement on people who cut their plantains into circles and not on a slant.

Shana's biggest achievement is inspiring individuals to love themselves more.


National Coalition for Sexual Health Member

100+ Herpes Life Coaching Testimonials

30+ Individuals to disclose positive herpes status to the public

Motivational Speaker with over 50 paid speaking engagements 

Featured in BuzzFeed, Brut, Hashtag Our Stories, Input Magazine

TikTok following of 368K+

Instagram following 23.3K+

Facebook 7.7k Private Support Group 4k

YouTube Following 6k+


Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice ‘12

Bachelors of Science in Culinary Art and Food Science ‘20

Current Drexel Graduate Student

Licensed Life Agent (Florida/California)

Founder of Slay The Stigma LLC

United States Army Veteran

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