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When You Become A Cousin

Join our supportive community of cousins as we empower you to confidently discuss your herpes with others. Let go of shame and sadness associated with your diagnosis. Discover tools, resources, and guidance to love yourself post-diagnosis. Share experiences, learn, and embrace your true self in a nurturing space. Break free from limitations, navigate challenges, and create a joyful, authentic future.


Unlock the Herpes Resource Vault: Your One-Stop Shop for Information and Support

Step into a world of endless support and valuable resources by joining our cousins community. Our exclusive vault is a treasure trove of comprehensive herpes information, tips, and resources carefully curated to empower and educate you on effectively managing the condition.

Inside the vault, you'll discover a wealth of knowledge covering a wide range of topics. From essential STD testing and reliable antiviral medication resources to insightful STD contraction laws, essential food guides, and the transformative power of essential oils, our collection leaves no stone unturned. Dive into our extensive ebook library, where you'll find indispensable guides on disclosing your herpes status, equipping you with the tools to navigate this aspect of your life with confidence.

But that's just the beginning! As a valued member, you'll enjoy unlimited access to an array of dynamic workshops designed to meet your specific needs. Join our enlightening pregnancy and herpes workshop, where expert guidance tailored to your situation awaits. Explore the secrets of a herpes-friendly diet and delve into natural remedies in our dedicated workshop, empowering you to take charge of your well-being. Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you unravel the complexities of sexuality after herpes, emerging with newfound confidence. And don't miss our immunity boost workshop, where you'll learn techniques to fortify your defenses.

Beyond resources and workshops, our vault houses a wealth of historical and factual archives, deepening your understanding of herpes and its societal impact. With everything conveniently accessible in one place, you'll have all the tools you need for your journey.

Join our vibrant community today and unlock the door to our comprehensive herpes resource vault. Empower yourself with knowledge, find unwavering support, and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic well-being. Together, we'll navigate challenges, shatter stigmas, and thrive in the face of herpes.


Transformative Support: Mindset Coaching and Disclosure Practice Sessions

Join us as we challenge and overcome internalized stigma surrounding herpes. Together, we create a safe space to raise awareness, foster personal growth, and empower the herpes community. Our weekly gatherings and monthly Book Club Meetings for Big Cousins dive deep into thought-provoking books, exploring stigma, self-acceptance, and personal transformation. By engaging in meaningful conversations, we dismantle stigma, rewrite narratives, and support each other's journeys. Join our empowering community, where we practice the important "Sex Talk" through role-playing exercises. Gain experience and skills to confidently navigate disclosure scenarios with different reactions. Our safe and judgment-free space allows you to express yourself, share experiences, and receive valuable feedback. Together, we build resilience, boost self-assurance, and develop effective communication skills. Join our transformative journey of empowerment, breaking free from limitations and fostering a supportive community that embraces authenticity.


24hr Community Support & Resources

By becoming a cousin, you'll enjoy round-the-clock access to our exclusive cousins' private community, where 3,700 individuals like yourself gather. This community offers a platform to connect and hear the stories of thousands of others who share the same virus. Additionally, you'll have 24/7 access to a wealth of resources, along with the opportunity to attend all future workshop live events focused on self-development, specifically tailored for our community.

I help people break through stigma. That is my magic! 

Cousin Testimonials

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