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Big Cousin Shana, found out she test positive for herpes in 2015. When she found out there wasn't anyone advocating for herpes. It was hard to research herpes and find resources. The Slay The Stigma movement was founded to eliminate this problem and give the herpes community the support they so desperately needed. Every resources mentioned below is founded by a cousin within the HSV community.


Vanquish Care

Vanquish Care is a Herpes Topical Skin Care Line, founded by the first black woman herpes advocate; STD Life Coach Belize Spivey.

Yes, you read that right. Not a product made by a large corporation trying to benefit from the herpes community. Products made by someone with herpes who actively fights for the COUSINS.

Literally this product is for the COUSINS by a cousin.

This product contains essential oils proven to penetrate strains of the herpes virus that are resistant to anti viral medications; such as, peppermint oil, lemon balm and tea tree oil.

Vanquish Care products does not say the word herpes on its packaging.

Vanquish Care products are for men, women and them.

Vanquish Care products ship international.

Get your herpes product before your outbreak happens, it works wonders. 

Natural Cure Labs

It is important to understand that when our immune systems shut down, we are more susceptible to getting a herpes outbreak.

Natural Cure Labs was founded in San Francisco in 2015 by a COUSIN. Yes, another product that is for the COUSINS, by a cousin.


Natural Cure Labs goal was to raise the standard for naturally-derived dietary supplements. In a market challenged by obscurity, inconsistent quality, and non-compliant advertising, the company set out to change the narrative for good.

Beginning with a single product, Natural Cure Labs applied three three foundational commitments which would define the company and portfolio:

  1. Premium Ingredients - Vegetarian, Gluten free, Non-GMO

  2. Quality Formulas - No artificial fillers, 3rd party lab tested, USA formulated, blended, and bottled

  3. Customer Trust - Professional blends supported by research, industry recognized safety and transparency

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A kids book about cold sores?

Little Emma was an an average 12-year old girl who shared the same experiences as other girls her age. But one morning. she wakes up to a different world. Follow Emma's journey in learning important lessons about acceptance, shame, and even a little education. Cold sores and ice cream? It's not as strange as you think.

Sign Petition for the
Herpes Vaccine.

Please ask the CDC to recommend Herpes Testing for
ALL pregnant women!

Dating Within The Community

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