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When You Become A Cousin

The goal is to get you comfortable enough to speak about your herpes with anyone, we just ask that you do the work. No more being sad about your diagnosis. No more living in shame. Come learn how to love yourself after a positive diagnosis with your cousins.


Self Reflection Journaling & Book Club

We meet up weekly to raise awareness to belief systems that may be preventing you from breaking your own internalize stigma.

Monthly Book Club Meetings for Big Cousins.


Disclosure Practice

We meet weekly to practice having the "Sex Talk," after testing positive for herpes. We practice with other cousins within community. A cousin can pretend to be whoever they want to be, so you cannot predict the outcome of each disclosure. 


24hr Community Support & Resources

Access to the Private Facebook  Community with 4k members who all understand what you may be going through.

Rising Accountability Live Access

Access to all Ebooks

(Depending on your tier)

I help people break through stigma. That is my magic! 

Cousin Testimonials

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